Why Hands On Physio

Hands on Physio focuses on a one on one approach devoting the therapist’s full attention and time to the individual. Hands on methods are supplemented where necessary by the use of other treatment techniques to get the individual back to an optimal level of function.

With the advantage of being located within a multidisciplinary medical centre, a holistic and comprehensive approach is attained.


Why Hands on Physio?

  • Dedicated one on one approach

  • Extended treatment times, minimum of 45 minutes

  • Hands on approach

  • Certified up to date treatment techniques

  • Inversion therapy

  • Comprehensive working hours: Monday – Saturday

  • Short waiting periods, able to accommodate the patient timeously

  • Able to claim directly from all major medical aids

  • Sale of orthopaedic pillows at discounted rates

  • Located within a medical centre that houses doctors, dentists, radiology and optometry